Your Stand Matters in the Fight Against Rising Hatred

Amidst the alarming surge of antisemitism worldwide, your support is not just a purchase—it’s a declaration of defiance against hate.

As anti Jew rhetoric spreads like wildfire across social media platforms and mainstream news outlets, Israel Slingshot is the frontline, pushing back against the tide of bigotry and intolerance.

Slingshot in Action – We were there

Slingshot promotes Israel across 200,000+ websites and platforms, bypassing social media, where we have reached more than 20 million unique people.

Our campaigns also highlight the plight of hostages and mobilize support for their immediate release.

362,482 people reached 3.6 times each

200,250 people reached 5.2 times each (in 3 days)

3,799,620 people reached in Campus Cities 4.2 times each

10,777,807 people reached 3.2 times each

4,850,245 people reached, 2.1 times each

1,156,943 people reached 1.7 times each

Slingshot in the Media

Israel Slingshot has been covered by Israel’s leading news companies. See what the media is saying about us:

Watch our CEO discuss Slingshot live on i24 News.

Reshaping the Narrative, One Message at a Time

To confront antisemitism head-on, we must shift from defense to offense. The narrative needs rewriting to change perceptions.

At Israel Slingshot, we use open-web technology to deliver targeted messages that cannot be ignored.

We are rewriting the story of hate and misconceptions, reclaiming our voice, and forging a path towards a future free from prejudice.

Join us in this critical battle for acceptance and understanding.

How Else Can You Help? Spark Change with Your Creativity

Your creative talent is a powerful force for change.

We’re inviting individuals with a flair for creativity to submit artwork or videos to help with Israel Slingshot’s mission of combatting antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment.

Explore the Israel Slingshot Creative Submissions page for more information and see how your creativity can make a difference.

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